Monday, May 2, 2016

bitcoin creator

내가 니 애비다.

비트코인의 아버지가 나타났고, 증거도 있지만 확인에는 시간이 걸릴 듯.

아들의 불확실한 미래에 심대한 영향을 줄 수도...

Evaluating his claim involves the application of a multi-step paternity test.
First comes the factual evidence: can Mr Wright prove that he is in possession of cryptographic keys that only Mr Nakamoto should have?
Second, does he have convincing explanations for the holes in the story which came to light when he was first outed in December?
Third, does he possess the technical knowledge which would have enabled him to develop a system as complex and clever as bitcoin?
And fourth, to what extent does he fit the image that people have of Mr Nakamoto; in particular, what do those software developers who have collaborated online with the founder of bitcoin think of Mr Wright’s claim?


Throughout all of it, there have been a number of simple, concrete actions Wright could have taken to prove his ostensible identity: signing the genesis block, signing a message with Satoshi's PGP key, or making a transaction with one of the many bitcoin blocks linked to Satoshi.

증거가 없는 게 아니고 용기가 없다고?
특이한 사기꾼인듯. 99%.